Dental Implants or Implant Overdentures

I’m a little confused. I can’t figure out the difference between dental implants and implant overdentures. Some people seem to use them interchangeably but I think they’re different. Can you help me? I need to replace a few teeth and don’t know which one to get.

Sandy M.

Dear Sandy,

Dental Implant Diagram

A dental implant is the fixture that is implanted into your jawbone to take the place of your tooth root. When the healing period is over, then it is topped with a porcelain crown to stand in for the visible part of your tooth.

Uses of Dental Implants

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. They’re also used to completely replace all your teeth. That’s where implant overdentures can come in handy.

Because these are the top of the line procedure for replacing your teeth and the procedure itself is very advanced and requires a great deal of post-doctoral training, it is the priciest of your options.

If you wanted to replace each and every tooth with a single dental implant, you’d end up costing yourself a fortune. Implant overdentures gives you the advantages of dental implants without having to place one at every tooth.

You can usually place four to six dental implants per arch and then anchor a set of dentures to them.

Advantages of Implant Overdentures

When your teeth are removed, your body begins to reabsorb the minerals in your jawbone to use elsewhere in your body. This has the unfortunate result of causing your jawbone to shrink.

After a number of years, there isn’t enough jawbone left to retain dentures. This is known as facial collapse. The implants protect you from this because your body interprets the implants as teeth roots and leaves your jawbone intact and secure.

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