Dentist Won’t Fix Crown

I don’t know what to do. I’ve had massive trouble with a dental crown I had placed less than xix months ago. My dentist adjusted them three times. Nothing he did helped. The crown still hurt like mad every single time I bit down. Now he’s saying there’s nothing wrong. Well, last night I was eating at a restaurant and it broke. I called him and he feels he’s done enough and says I must have done something. He said he’s willing to make a new one, but I’ll have to pay for it. Even if I felt that was fair, I don’t trust him to get it right any better than he did last time. What do you recommend?


Dear Marla,

Tulsa Emergency Dentist

You have been through the ringer with this, not to mention your dentist is being unfair. It will be fairly easy for you to get a refund for this crown regardless of how your dentist feels. He hasn’t met even the minimum standard for the lifetime of a dental crown.

However, you’ve got to get this problem taken care of. Because you can’t trust your dentist and you’ve been handed a time sensitive situation, I’m going to recommend you look up dentists who treat emergencies in your area. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one. Many of them will use the search term “emergency dentist”.

The Possible Problem with Your Dental Crown

When your crown gives you pain upon biting down there is usually one of two reasons.

The first possibility is a lingering infection. While most of the time an infection is dealt with by a root canal treatment, there are some tricky canals in there and it’s possible one was missed. An x-ray should reveal that. If your dentist didn’t do an x-ray, the emergency dentist will as a standard procedure.

Another possibility is the crown is seated too high. You said he tried adjusting it three times. While that’s good, when it wasn’t making a difference he should have kept investigating the problem.

I think this is the most likely issue with your crown. The reason I say that is it broke when you bit down.

While our biting forces are quite hard, they’re usually spread over all out back teeth. If you have a crown seated too high, your bite will hit that and only that with its full force. That type of force on a single crown will make it vulnerable to breaking.

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