One Orthodontist Thousands Less

I don’t know how it is possible for one orthodontist to cost so much less than another. It’s appealing, but I don’t want to make a mistake about this. I’m out of college and in my first PR job. My appearance is important which is why I want to straighten my teeth. However, I’m still paying off student loans, and will be for a while, so I don’t want to spend a fortune. The first dentist suggested Invisalign. The next one suggested Six-Month Smiles. The second one seems to work faster and is thousands of dollars cheaper. How is that possible?


Dear Karyn,

A woman placing her Invisaliagn aligners

Do you remember in Algebra when they said you can’t add x’s and y’s? Well, this is sort of like that. Invisalign is a complete orthodontic treatment It will shift your bite into proper position, changing aligners every two weeks.

Six-Month Smiles is a completely different orthodontic option which doesn’t correct your complete bite, but just straightens the front visible teeth. This is also why it takes less time and doesn’t cost as much.

This means the second orthodontist isn’t charging less but offering a completely different treatment option.

Which Option is Best?

Which one you choose really depends on your goals for your smile. Do you just want it to appear straight and beautiful and saving money is the higher priority or are you wanting your bite fixed, while looking straight and beautiful?

There’s not a right or wrong answer unless you’ve had jaw pain or persistent headaches. If you have had those, fixing your bite would likely alleviate both of those. Not fixing it could lead to TMJ problems. I don’t say that to scare you. Headaches don’t necessarily mean TMJ, it is just a symptom.

Combining Procedures

One thing you can do with Invisalign which you can’t do with the Six-Month Smiles clear braces is whiten your teeth at the same time. The aligners can double as teeth whitening trays. Then, by the time your treatment is finished you’ll have both straight teeth and a white smile.

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