Can I Charge George Lucas for My Dental Appointment?

I was having fun with my son playing Jedi versus Sith. Not only did my son, the Sith, win but he seemed to use the force. the circle that is at the top of the hilt flew off and hit me in the mouth. I was bleeding, which isn’t unexpected from a mouth injury, but this morning I noticed the tooth feels loose. I keep wiggling it to be certain and I’m pretty certain. Because this injury is due to a defect in the lightsaber, can I charge the company? Or possibly George Lucas? I don’t have insurance or a dentist, but I’m assuming I have to see one.


Dear Melissa,

Woman covering her mouth with her hand

A loose adult tooth requires an emergency dentist

First, let me say you sound like a fun mom! I know lots of little boys who would enjoy a good Jedi battle with a parent. As far as charging the company or George Lucas, you could write to them and let them know what happened and ask them to cover your dental expenses which resulted from the accident. However, unless you do a Jedi mind trick, the dentist won’t bill them for the services without written consent.

Next, I’m going to say please stop wiggling the tooth immediately. There are ligaments which aide in holding your tooth in place. If you keep stretching them, they may snap. Your tooth will need to be stabilized. This would be considered a dental emergency.

As you don’t have a dentist, my suggestion is to do an internet search using the term “emergency dentist“. These are general dentists who are willing to see non-established patients in the case of emergencies such as yours. They’ll stabilize your tooth, but also do x-rays to make sure there’s no damage to the pulp of the tooth. If there is, a root canal treatment will be necessary.

Who Pays for Emergency Dental Appointments?

Unless they’re a minor, with rare exceptions, the only person a dentist can charge is the person receiving the service. One exception would be if someone signed a statement saying they’ll cover the bill.

If someone is truly responsible for your accident but refusing to take care of it, your only real option is to take them to small claims court.

I don’t think you’ll get very far with George Lucas, Ltd. Though, you’re obviously welcome to write to him and try.

There are affordable dentists out there. They’re very likely willing to allow you to make payments in order to get the treatment you need then pay it out slowly.

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